To honor Robby Steinhardt, one of the founding members of the band Kansas and renowned violinist, vocalist, and longtime Tampa resident, the Robby Steinhardt Foundation is lending a supportive hand to the Howard W. Blake School of the Arts with a special Steinway88Keys Fundraising Campaign Concert Series.

The series kicks off with a special “Horns for Howard” concert on June 10, 2023, featuring AR Connection, a USF Alumni jazz trio, as well as guest horn players and trumpeter James Suggs. Proceeds from the concert series will go to the Steinway88Keys fundraising campaign benefiting Howard W. Blake School of the Arts. The campaign’s goal of raising $500,000 will allow the Howard W. Blake School of the Arts to replace its existing 25-year-old pianos with handcrafted Steinway pianos.

Upgrading to all-new Steinway pianos will also provide Howard W. Blake School of the Arts the opportunity to apply to become a designated All Steinway Select School, an honor achieved by only 170 universities, colleges, and schools in the world for their commitment to excellence in every level.

Found in the heart of downtown Tampa, The Howard W. Blake School of the Arts is Hillsborough County’s premier arts program. In partnership with local artists and organizations, universities and mentors, The Howard W. Blake School of the Arts offers collegiate level study to Hillsborough County’s best and brightest.

After 25 years of use in the current building, it is time to replace the aging and worn piano inventory with instruments that match the talent and dedication of our students, teachers and staff.

Howard W. Blake School of The Arts is asking for your support as we seek to attain the STEINWAY select SCHOOLS designation. STEINWAY select SCHOOLS demonstrate a full commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties with the finest STEINWAY pianos possible for the study of music. These pianos inspire students to realize their artistic talents, and best prepare them to compete at the highest level in the professional world.



Buy a part to be part of making the Howard W. Blake School of the Arts a STEINWAY SELECT SCHOOLS. Varied levels of gift opportunities, from $50 to $5,000.


Leave a lasting legacy, gift an entire STEINWAY designed piano to the Howard W. Blake School of the Arts.

the existing pianos